Fisker Emotion electric car revealed


After releasing a few teaser images over the past few weeks, Henrik Fisker officially unveiled the design and specifications of its upcoming electric car, the Fisker EMotion.

Fisker released two renderings of the car that he says will achieve an all-electric range of 400 miles (640 km) and a top speed of 161 mph (260 km/h). It will be produced as part of Fisker’s newly minted auto company, Fisker Inc.

The Fisker EMotion will include a large curved front windscreen pushed forward, diving into an extremely low bonnet. The rear features an integrated spoiler and aggressive functional diffusor to aid aerodynamics. The FIsker EMotion will also feature a newly-developed butterfly doors for easier egress and ingress.

Fisker has taken advantage of the newly developed electric power train layout by pushing the vehicle’s entire interior compartment forward and increasing the wheelbase with distinctively short front and rear overhangs, a layout that increases the interior space. The interior will have more space than its closest competitors and more rear legroom than many full-size luxury sedans, despite its sporty silhouette. The Fisker EMotion will feature a composite, carbon fiber and aluminum structure with an innovative battery integration. The EMotion will use a new battery technology using graphene, with battery packs produced by Fisker Nanotech, a joint venture between Fisker Inc. and Nanotech Energy Inc.

The EMotion will be equipped with hardware that will allow fully autonomous driving when approved and released by a soon-to-be-announced partnered supplier. The interior will emphasize ultimate comfort and user interface from both front and rear seats, and all seats will have access to screens and infotainment features.

The Fisker EMotion will be built by VLF – a company Fisker partly owns. The first deliveries will be announced after the vehicle is shown in mid 2017.

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