October plug-in sales in Finland and Slovenia


With 136 new plug-in electric vehicles registered in October, registrations were up 157% Year-on-Year, making Finland one of the fastest growing markets in Europe, with market share already above 1%.

The Year-to-date leader Volvo XC90 PHEV was also the best seller in October, with 19 units, but another SUV, the Audi Q7 e-Tron, was a close second, with 17 units. The Third Placed BMW 330e, not far behind, with 13 registrations.

In the yearly ranking, the aforementioned Volvo XC90 has double of the units (230) of the Second Placed Volkswagen Passat GTE (114), so it seems this year Volvo will win its first Best Seller trophy here.

In a move to cut greenhouse gas emissions, Finland announced plans to phase out coal by 2030, cut oil imports by half and substantially increase the number of electric cars on the Finnish roads to 250,000—from the current estimated 1,000—partly with subsidies.

Meanwhile, the Slovenian plug-in electric vehicle car market continues to grow fast, having registered 36 units in October, up 177% regarding the same period last year, with YTD registrations at 192 units and the PEV market share at 0,35%.

In the Year-to-date ranking, the Renault Zoe continues to be Slovenia’s favorite electric vehicle, topping the chart, with 30 units, followed by another two electric cars, the Nissan Leaf and Volkswagen e-Golf, both with 21 units.

An interesting characteristic of this market is that all electric cars outsell plug-in hybrids in an order of 2 to 1, being one of the markets where BEV’s frankly outsell PHEV’s.

[source: EAFO]

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