How To Make A Solar Powered And Eco-Friendly Garden

As the summer heats up and flowers are in full-bloom, barbecue parties and lazy days in the backyard arrive. You want your backyard to look as beautiful as possible because you and your family are finally storing those winter coats and spending more time outdoors. Now more and ever, being eco-friendly has become a priority in our lives and incorporating solar powered attributes into your garden is a great way to conserve energy. Create a personal oasis in your own backyard by making your own solar-powered fountain with these easy steps. This is an easy and cost-efficient way to personalize your garden while saving energy and money.

Imagine the sweet sound of a babbling brook coming from your own garden. Adding a garden fountain to your backyard is a perfect way to create your own sanctuary in cost-effective and manageable steps. This project can be created in a weekend’s time and won’t cost you more than $ 200.

It could cost less depending on the materials you use. The difference between an electric fountain and a solar-powered fountain is that the pump is attached to a solar panel instead of an electrical outlet. The panel turns the heat of the sun into energy which powers the pump. This is more environmentally friendly than electrical fountains and allows you to place the fountain wherever you want without worrying about access to an outlet.

Here are some easy steps to create your own fountain that is powered by the sun. This beautiful addition to your garden is a money saver in so many ways. Installing a solar-powered pump for a backyard fountain saves energy and also does not require an electrician’s help to bury a line. First, decide on a design.

You will need a waterproof basin to hold the pump. This basin can be buried or it can sit out in the garden if it is a decorative like a ceramic crock. Then find objects for the water to flow down such as rocks or a set of pretty bowls set up at an angle. You can be creative! This is your chance to use your imagination. The more objects you can find around your house, the more money you save. Make sure you choose objects that can withstand water flowing over it at all times.

Solar fountain pumps are inexpensive, mostly under $ 30. They give your fountain a soft babbling sound rather than a gushing and pulsating force. Be sure to pay attention to the gallons per hour the pumps offer because you don’t need anything over 250. Purchase a pump that is meant to be fully submerged in water and runs on a direct current. Next purchase a solar panel. The size of the panel determines how much power you want in your flow of water. Most solar cells need about six to eight hours of sunlight to power a fountain. Once you install the pump and panel, your eco-friendly and cost-saving fountain is complete! Enjoy the babbling water as you sit with a good book in your backyard or make an outdoor party more festive by adding floating candles to your fountain.

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Re: Grøn Sol

Tak for svar! – Jeg var tæt på at købe grønsols anlæg – men nu har jeg i stedet købt et anlæg fra Per Schmalfeldt som består af 33 ZN shine 195 W elementer i sort samt en Danfoss TLX6+ Pro og med alt monterings beslag og kabel kostede dette anlæg også lige 80kkr. Jeg tror det var et godt køb da ZN shine elementer er målt bedst i tysk blad ud af 100 forskellige paneler og har -0/+3%, 15.5% effikitivitet samt generelt gode data og bypass dioder (?). Danfoss inverteren er jeg mere tryk ved end løsningen fra Grønsol – dog skal jeg have instaleret HPFI B relæ
men det er en inverter som så fylder mindre end 2 stks 3 Kw.

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