Solar Power Cost

Today, electricity has become both a necessity and a commodity. In our time, it has become a priority in comparison to food, water, shelter and clothing. Since its utilization in the late 19th century, electricity has become the most widely used energy source and has led to the development of modern conveniences from light-bulbs to refrigerators to stoves and irons and washing machines to computers and stereos and even some cars.

At present, the extensive use and abuse of fossil fuels has taken a toll on us by introducing greenhouse gases, depleting natural resources, providing hazardous work conditions for some (those mining the coal and stationed on oil rigs) and led to the imbalance of our climate commonly referred to as the climate change. In order to decrease the effects of these threats, new alternative energy resources such as solar panels are being used. Solar power integration in households and buildings is starting to increase and the demand for this type of clean and renewable energy is increasing too. Research and development has brought about great improvements related to solar panel production, but there still are considerable costs associated with the purchase and installation of these devices.

The cost of solar panels and the resulting power depends upon the application, materials, and quality of equipment, all of which determines the life span of the overall installation. For premade solar arrays, a single array can cost $ 900 (which equates to about $ 12 per Watt.) This does not include installation. A professional installation for a small-scale home would cost around $ 20,000. This includes the complete system and equipment. The installation at a medium-scale home would run about $ 25,000 while a large-scale house installation would be approximately $ 50,000.

The cost of solar power is very expensive at first glance because of the per installation basis. The relatively high expense of professional installation is due to the fact that solar energy utilization is an emerging technology. To make the most of any solar panel installation, energy efficient appliances should be used to extend the lifespan and effectiveness.

Maintenance is also a considerable area of concern because solar panels are very delicate and sensitive to dust and other obstructions. However, manufacturers are starting to strengthen their solar panel products for increased durability and functionality. To fully use the solar panels, the geographical area and the orientation with respect to the sun must be considered extensively. A trustworthy solar power provider must be chosen in order to provide the best value for money.

Excluding the cost of installation and maintenance, the cost of solar electricity generation is relatively zero. Unlike fossil fuel power plants where a considerable amount of fuel must be constantly maintained in order to generate electrical energy. With solar panel technology, as long as the sun and the earth exist, one can generate electrical energy.

So yes, while the cost of solar power is expensive at the first glance, there are many benefits. Compared to the expenses that accumulate over time with regard to fossil fuels, the savings and benefits of solar panels extensively surpass the other. Solar energy is safer, cleaner and eco-friendly. As governments are starting to consider these benefits, the trend of solar power utilization will eventually decrease solar power cost. Everything on earth is linked. And the earth is linked to the sun, its original energy source.

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NASA-Funded Study Reduces Cost of Human Missions to Moon and Mars by Factor of 10

The National Space Society (NSS) and Space Frontier Foundation (SFF) today announced their support for NASA’s funding of the newly released NexGen Space study, illustrating how to cut the cost of human space exploration by a factor of 10. The study, “Economic Assessment and Systems Analysis of an Evolvable Lunar Architecture that Leverages Commercial Space Capabilities and Public-Private-Partnerships,” finds public-private partnerships able to return humans to the Moon for approximately 90% less than the previously estimated $ 100 billion, allowing the United States to ensure national security in a new space age.

“The Space Frontier Foundation supports and recommends public-private partnerships in all proposed human spaceflight programs in order to reduce costs and enable these missions that were previously unaffordable,” said the Space Frontier Foundation’s Chairman of the Board, Jeff Feige. “This is the way that America will settle the final frontier, save taxpayers money and usher in a new era of economic growth and STEM innovation.”

The NSS and SFF call attention to these conclusions from the study:

Enabled by public-private partnerships, NASA’s current human spaceflight budget is sufficient to return humans to the surface of the Moon and develop a permanent lunar base.

Mining fuel from lunar poles and transporting it to lunar orbit for use by other spacecraft reduces the cost of sending humans to Mars and other locations beyond low Earth orbit. These commercial fuel depots in lunar orbit have the potential to cut the cost of sending humans to Mars by more than $ 10 billion per year.

“The NSS congratulates NASA for funding the team at NexGen that discovered how such cost reductions are possible,” said NSS Executive Committee Chair, Mark Hopkins. “A factor of ten reduction in cost changes everything.”

The NSS and SFF add that space programs able to establish viable commercial partnerships can potentially achieve similar cost reductions. Read the full report here.

About the National Space Society

The National Space Society is an independent non-profit educational membership organization dedicated to the creation of a spacefaring civilization. NSS is widely acknowledged as a preeminent citizen’s voice on space, with thousands of members and supporters, and over 50 chapters in the United States and around the world. The Society publishes Ad Astra magazine, an award – winning periodical chronicling the most important developments in space. To learn more, visit the NSS Website (

About the Space Frontier Foundation

The Space Frontier Foundation is an organization of people dedicated to opening the Space Frontier to human settlement as rapidly as possible. The SFF mission is to protect the Earth’s fragile biosphere and create a freer and more prosperous life for each generation by using the energy and material resources of space. SFF looks to unleash the power of free enterprise and lead a united humanity permanently into the Solar System. To learn more visit

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Solar Energy


Solar Energy


Solar energy is one of the great solutions to the global warming which has been a menace and a topic of debate for a long period of time. It has been revealed that, one of the strongest effects of Global Worming is a raising temperature and longer summer. In this case we could benefit from solar energy and prevent further pollution created by conventional energy. In this paper, the different types of solar panels will be addressed in order to determine the laws governing the field of solar energy. Importantly, in order to start looking at the solar energy it is of great importance to look how expensive are the solar panes and their effectiveness (Solar Energy International 300).

The three most common types of solar-electric systems are grid-intertied, grid-intertied with battery backup, and off-grid (stand-alone). Each has distinct applications and component needs. First one is ore affordable but it doesn’t have accumulator that stores solar energy, second and third are more expensive but they store energy. Solar panel system can lust about 25 years and require little maintenance. I figured out that there is a law which supports solar panel users by Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPACT) and amended in the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 (P.L. 110-343), but to be short it is as minimum tax deductible, but other benefits are also applies they alter from applicant to applicant (Gordon 233).

Regarding pollution research shows that Sharp Company on of the leaders on a market claims that throughout entire product cycle their manufacturing processes designed to have as little impact on our ecological system as possible. Among their most green products are LCD-TVs, surround systems. Also there are web sites which make solar panel look more interesting then just a bunch of sells; it looks like set of gorgeous glass solar-thermal roof tiles (Mahaney 12).

Photovoltaic (PV) is a process used in electricity power production that changes solar radiation into direct current electricity by the use of semi-conductors that are known to show the effects of photovoltaic. It is of importance top note that, the photovoltaic power production utilizes solar panels that consists of a number of cells containing a photovoltaic material. Importantly, countries in the whole world have come up with measures of fighting global warming in the current state. In this case, solar photovoltaics in the year 2010 were recorded producing electricity in approximately 100 countries. On this basis, the amount of global effect it had on the environment was very insignificant as compared to other means of power production (Hough 234).

Basically, the costs of photovoltaic have decreased drastically as driven by the emerging technologies and increase in the manufacturing scales. On this basis, most industries have turn to photovoltaic method of power generation as it has its positive as far as environmental degradation is concerned. In the United States of America, a number of renewable electricity energies that have very low effects to the environment have been used. It should be noted that, the photovoltaic effect is the process of creating voltage in a material upon exposure to light (Oxlade 17).

Evidences have indicated that the photovoltaic production of electricity has been very effective in the prevention of environmental degradation especially in the current technological world. On this basis, there is no much temperatures produced inn this system of energy production and hence effects of global warming would be very minimal. In the United States of America, President Obama encouraged industry owners to utilize solar energy rather than other energies that have far reaching effects in the aspect of global warming. A point worth noting is that, the photovoltaic cells should be protected from the environment in order to make them last long (Hough 234).

It should be noted that, photovoltaic technologies have helped in reducing carbon footprint which has been produced in green house emissions. In this case, photovoltaic has assisted in saving the environment from degradations caused by other technologies which release carbon into the atmosphere. A point worth noting is that, industries all over the world have been urged to make use of the environmental saving measures like the solar energy. In this case, companies mostly in the United States of America have started using this technology and hence trying to solve the problems of global warming (Oxlade 17).

It is of importance to note that, photovoltaic also called solar panels are made of semi-conducting materials which convert sunlight energy into electrical energy and hence saving the environment from effects of global warming. Importantly, the high temperatures from the sun are changed to moderate temperatures hence aiding in the prevention of global warming. Basically, there is no emission of carbon which when released into the atmosphere harms the environment and hence global warming. Certainly, photovoltaic is the best method of energy production which controls the environment by preventing its pollution through emission and releasing carbon and other poisonous gasses into the atmosphere (Hough 234).

Certainly, the photovoltaic or solar panels make it very cheap to produce energy by the use of environmental friendly methods. In the developed countries, the emission of carbon and its release to the environment has decreased to at least 5%. This is a very viable way to indicate that the whole world is moving toward environmental friendly technologies which will bring viable results and effects to the environment. In this case there is a target set for each country emission of carbon which should be reached by the year 2012 (Oxlade 17).

It should be noted that, solar energy has some advantages to the environment over the oil. First, solar energy is a renewable source of energy despite the fact that its utilization is restricted only to day time and especially sunny day. On the other hand, the availability of solar energy may be relied upon day after day especially in the conservation of environment. It is of importance to note that the supply of solar energy lasts as long as there is sun and hence it’s the best method of energy production which is environmental friendly (Hough 234).

It has been argued that, one of the advantages of solar panels is that they produce an energy that is renewable and hence can not get depleted. As compared to the oils, solar energy is the best energy production which is both cheap and environmental friendly. On the other hand, since no burning is done in the production of solar energy; it is a no polluting energy production. In this case, the temperature produced from the sum is directly converted to electrical energy and hence there is no harm done by these temperatures. Importantly, by producing low levels of temperature the environment will be saved from global warming which has been a very dangerous aspect in the future of our environment (Mahaney 12).

Apart from global warming, the process of obtaining oils may results to spilling which causes water and soil pollution. Basically, the installation of solar panels and other devices does not at all harm the environment. In this case, the photovoltaic energy production is the best in terms of environmental protection (Gordon 233).

On the other hand, there are some disadvantages of solar energy which may be stated that, the solar panels may be broke or malfunctioning resulting to defects in converting the sunlight temperatures. When this happens, there will be some effects in the environment. Additionally, the production of solar energy can not be done at night or in a cloudy or rainy day and hence its effectiveness may not be good or reachable. It should be noted that even though solar energy is used by most of the developed countries, it may not be possible or efficient in countries which experience long winter periods (Solar Energy International 300).

In conclusion, despite the disadvantages of solar energies the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and hence make it the very best method of energy production. It should be noted that, photovoltaic or solar panels are very friendly to the environment in terms of preventing global warming as it helps in producing low temperatures. In contrast to other methods of energy production like oils, solar energy benefits the environment by not emitting poisonous gases into the environment which h causes harm to the environment. As a result of this, governments are encouraging industries to adopt this method of energy production in order to save the environment.

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Solenergi i USA

Solenergi i USA

Solenergi er energi udvundet fra solens energi, som er sollys. Da solen giver os sollys gratis, er solenergi derfor en vedvarende, ren og miljøvenlig energikilde. Med den stigende bekymring for nedbrydende fossile brændstoffer og stigende luftforurening, er brugen af ​​solenergi som alternativ energikilde hurtigt stigende popularitet. Ved at udnytte og bruge solenergi i hjemmet, er det muligt at skære ned på udgifterne til el-regninger og omfattende brug kan endda gøre en helt uafhængig, hvad angår magt krav. Dette er hovedsageligt fordi sollyset er tilgængelig gratis næsten året rundt, og den bedste del er, at solfangere og andre sådanne sol udstyr kræver meget lidt vedligeholdelse.

Men nu, en million dollar spørgsmål arises- det er grunden til, på trods af så mange fordele, der er mennesker, der bruger solenergi kun sparsomt? Svaret på dette spørgsmål ligger i det faktum, at solenergi er stort set ineffektive. For at imødegå dette problem, større paneler skal være installeret og dette gør at bruge dem besværlige. Også nogle mennesker foretrækker ikke at rode med den æstetiske skønhed af deres huse. Også, solpaneler ikke komme meget billigt. Desuden er der den iboende problem ude af stand til at arbejde om natten og give meget lidt strøm under overskyede dage.

Med udtømning af fossile brændstoffer, har det videnskabelige samfund er blevet opfordret til at forstå det presserende behov for at overveje en opgradering af eksisterende solpanel teknologi. Nu, med en fortsat forskning og udvikling på disse områder, har solenergi systemer gennemgået drastiske ændringer. De har regnet ud, hvordan man kan gøre billigere solpaneler og også forbedre deres effektivitet.

En af de store milepæle opnået i solenergi teknologi er opfindelsen af ​​solceller. De er gået en lang vej at reducere størrelsen og øge effektiviteten af ​​solpanelerne. I et solpanel, bliver solceller placeret på en stål substrat. Hver celle kan indfange forskellige spektre af sollys. De solcellepaneler har overlappet lagdeling af de celler, der gør dem en effektiv kilde til at producere strøm. De nye solcelle-paneler bruger amorf silicium tynd legering teknologi.

Denne solcelle-panel baseret på den nye teknologi er ikke så pladskrævende og kan nemt placeres på taget af huse. Det er mange gange mere effektiv end en almindelig solpanel. Desuden har de ikke ser så slemt og kan nemt implementeres uden at påvirke de overordnede udseende af en bygning.

En anden milepæl i vejen for sol-teknologi er opfindelsen af ​​fotovoltaiske helvedesild. De er dybest set ikke andet end solpaneler som er modificeret og gjort til helvedesild. Fotovoltaiske helvedesild kan bruges som en praktisk og æstetisk erstatning for store og voluminøse solpaneler. De gennemføres i tagene af huse som normale helvedesild. De er normalt sort farvet og har udseende af normale helvedesild. Og de tjener det dobbelte formål tilbedende dit hus samt udnytte solenergi og omdanne det til elektricitet til eget brug. Desuden har de spare dig omkostningerne ved at købe ekstra helvedesild. I en nøddeskal, de er gode leder solpaneler.

Eksperter har sagt, at teknologien for at bruge solceller og solcelle helvedesild er et stort gennembrud i udnyttelse af solenergi. Forskning foregår for yderligere udvikling i solenergi teknologi og du kan forvente endnu mindre og mere effektive solenergi systemer stillet til rådighed i den nærmeste fremtid.

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