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Solar Power – Breaking the Myths About Solar Power

Solar power is an environmental friendly source of energy. With the increasing electricity cost, solar power is considered as the best alternative. It does not only lessen your monthly electric bill but it helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions generated by your household natural gas usage which contributes to the devastation of our environment. However, there are people who are still uncertain if solar power is the right choice for their homes because of the proliferating myths about solar electricity. These myths have created misconceptions and confusions about solar power. Here are few myths about solar power that needs to be clarified.

1. Solar power only works in sunny areas and will not work in cold, cloudy places.

A lot of people believe that solar panels only function in areas with abundant sunshine. Solar panels work on light from the sun and not heat. Yes, it is true that sunny days are great benefit in gathering energy from the sun but what you only need is plenty of UV light. It is the UV rays that photovoltaic cells need to convert to alter the energy fro the sun to electricity. Solar power can function even in the cloudiest places. Contrary to popular beliefs, the solar panels work fine on drizzly days. A very good example is Germany, which have very few sunny days, although they are able to generate only a quarter to half the usual output of electricity they are still producing even when they have overcast or rainy conditions. Germany is not the ideal site for collecting the sun’s ray but today they are known as the leader in solar energy.

2. Solar power is costly

Undoubtedly, solar power is expensive. The technology and installation are both costly. And this fact discourages many homeowners to switch solar energy. However, our need for reliable and clean energy has inspired governments around the world to offer incentives to cover a portion of those costs and to encourage innovation that will bring those costs down. Today, solar energy Installations are more affordable than they have ever been. Solar power rebates can offer some significant advantages here, and can reduce the cost of your solar system by an immense amount.
In switching to Solar you will pay a fee for your Solar Panels and installation, however once these are paid in full, the solar power that your system harnesses is free for you to use.

3. Solar energy is more expensive than traditional energy

Bear in mind that solar energy is a clean and a pro- environment technology. It does not pollute the environment, do not create noise and most importantly, no clean up while power sources that most people are using today including natural gas, coal and nuclear are not. Government imposes tax on the negative externalities of non-renewable (source of traditional energy) sources of energy. In case of power generation, the tax imposed for polluting the environment is added to the price of electricity. If you will use solar energy you will cut your expenses on paying that tax intended for clean ups and you will also help the community save the environment. While in using solar energy you get subsidies from the government.

4. Solar panel systems will get less costly as the technology cost drops

People believe that they will afford buying or installing solar panels by waiting for the technology cost to drop. But come to think of it, if the technology cost of solar panel system will reduce overtime it is also possible that government rebates will be cut also. In other words, waiting for the solar panel system to get cheaper will not save you much money.

5. Production of solar panels causes more pollution than the energy it saves

In the production of solar panel systems 25 years ago, the small amount of industrial waste in the manufacturing process is offset by the energy it saves. Solar manufacturing is a very green process and help people save money.

Although solar photovoltaic industry is not 100% environment-friendly, the emissions of a photovoltaic system are obviously less than with non-renewable sources of energy. The only factor which can possibly cause pollution in the fabrication of solar panels is the semiconductor processing which involves the use of chemical and toxic materials.

Photovoltaic systems produce no green house gases. As the consumption PV electricity increase, the use of traditional fuels is offset, as a result it decreases the emission generated by traditional fossil fuels. Emission rate can be negative if the use of photovoltaic electricity increase adequately.

Noel Addison Agnote is a pro-environment advocate. He is very eager to share his profound insights on his advocacy through writing articles about Santa Barbara Solar Panels and it advantages to the community. To learn more about solar energy, you can visit Commercial Solar Panels for more information.

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Uses of Solar Power

Conversion of solar power into electricity is one of the most popular political agenda in many countries, which can be used to resolve the issue of demand and supply gap of petroleum products in an eco-friendly way. Solar Power for home and industrial development is getting famous day by day due to its immense number of benefits. It can be used in many ways, and according to a recent researches, it is found that some scientists have developed a virtual houseplant, which has organic thin-film solar cells as leaves. Here are some of the utilizations of solar power, which can benefit the users: Air-conditioning though Solar Power: Solar power is one of the most efficient ways to reduce your electricity bills, and that saving can be utilised on other useful purposes. Solar power can also be used to run air-conditions as well, which can be used for homes and industries. You can also get other home solar power equipments in the market, which can fulfil some of your requirements. Water Heating Systems: Solar energy can also be used for the purpose of heating water for household and industries, and can save more than thirty percent of your average electricity bills. It can also be used to provide electricity for home users. Solar Trash Cans: Solar trashcans are the latest invention of scientists, which can be used to reduce the impact of trash and various biological wastes in your area. These devices use the energy of sun to destroy the waste without even polluting the environment, and can also store more trash. They are more efficient than other devices and low in operating costs. Electricity through Solar Power: In order to make a solar powered home , users can install PV panels on the roofs of their houses, which can provide the electricity to the most of home appliances. In addition, with the help of appropriate solar management techniques, one can easily make a full use of solar energy, and excess energy can also be sent back to the grid for further use. Solar Intersections: Users can also find various equipments and devices, which are used to maximize the visual and lighting impact at any place through solar energy. They are operated on the principal of collecting energy from solar cells. The above-mentioned measures can educate people about the unlimited powerful capabilities of solar energy, which can be utilized in many useful and productive ways.

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