Gold Coast Solar Power Panels From CB Solar

CB Solar believe that they will give you the peace of mind you need in order to seriously consider a Solar Power System. Their job is to find a solar power solution for you. They will work through the options and tailor makes a solution that best suits your needs. There are a lot of things to consider, but one of the main things is to stay clear of the bulk sellers. Many will give you an inferior system and you won’t know the difference. It may even be possible that your house is just not suitable for solar. If this is the case, then that is the advice you will hear from them.

CB Solar has the expertise and experience necessary to make your domestic, commercial or large scale solar installation a success. With no ties to any one particular supplier we are well placed to offer solutions tailored to meet your requirements. With Design Supply Construct or Supply Construct options available. They only offer quality field tested products to ensure system longevity and minimize maintenance. Numerous complementary technologies are available to augment your system. They provide Energy efficiency auditing as an optional service to drive down the cost of doing business. Monitoring products and methodologies are available to assist you and your team to minimize energy usage and maximize the benefits of your system. Most Gold Coast solar Power panels are manufactured overseas making solar a cost effective exercise while the Australian dollar is high. They offer Solar panels and complete home solar power systems, solar panel kits for businesses and government applications. Also they offer Residential solar panels and solar for electricity from manufacturers like Suntech, BP, Sharp, Solar world, Trina, Sanyo, Mitsubishi Solar and Canadian Solar. They offer many years of experience in the design, sale and implementation of the finest solar products available on today’s market. They offer free technical support and factory authorized solar repair services that’s unmatched in the industry. Whether your needs are measured in watts or megawatts, they offer the best service, the highest performance, the best reliability and the lowest prices on commercial and residential grid tie solar systems on this solar powered planet. Solar cells are devices that are used in solar panels for the purpose of converting light energy (photons) into electricity (electrons) through a process known as the photovoltaic effect. Mono crystalline or single crystalline cells are produced primarily by the Czochralski (Cz) process. The large diameter single crystal silicon ingots that are created from this process are cut into thin wafers using thin wire saws. Conductive energy collection grids are silk screened onto the surface of these wafers and a functional solar cell is produced. Solar panels for your home that utilize single crystalline cells offer among the highest efficiencies available on today’s market.

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