Solenergi i rummet – En alternativ energi mulighed

FACT: There aren’t enough resources on this planet to sustain continued human growth and increasing quality of life. FACT: If we want to avoid catastrophic war, suffering, and global shortages of energy, we need to start looking to space seriously for solutions. Space Based Solar Power is the first step. Music – “Pulse” by Yoko Kanno
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Solenergi – fremtidens energi

Solenergi – fremtidens energi 

Næsten alle de ikke-vedvarende energiresourcer er ved at være brugt op. Hvis vi ikke udnytter  ​​de vedvarende kilder, kan vi stå over for alvorlige konsekvenser i fremtiden. Derfor er det vigtigt at udnytte og udforske de vedvarende energikilder, såsom solenergi. 

Men der er visse udfordringer forbundet med at udnytte solenergi på en optimal måde. For eksempel, opstår følgende tre spørgsmål, når du først tænker på at udnytte solenergi:

• Vi får først solens stråler hen på dagen. Hvordan kan vi få  den energi til at vare natten igennem?

• Selv efter alle de udviklinger inden for teknologi til at udnytte solenergi, kan vi stadig kun formå at bruge den energi, der falder på en given overflade. Hvordan kan vi koncentrere al denne energi på en bestemt sted?

Alle disse spørgsmål tvinger os til at tænke over fremtiden for solenergi. Mange forskere har forudsagt, at solenergi er energien for ​​fremtiden, og vil snart være tilgængelig som en fuldt konkurrencedygtig energikilde sammen med de nuværende kilder.

Det kan stadig tage et stykke tid, før vi kan benytte solenergi som primær strømkilde. Men med den nuværende hastighed af forbruget af fossile brændsler, vil flere og flere mennesker se solen som den ultimative energikilde.

Video om solenergi og installation af solpanel


Google Tech Talks september 12, 2007 ABSTRACT Læs mere om Solar Energy og Solar Panel Installation fra en industri ekspert ·

Oversigt – hvordan solceller fungerer, fordele, teknologier, markedstendenser

· Proces for at installere systemet · Vigtige spørgsmål at stille og ting til kigge efter, når de overvejer sol o Størrelse o Cost o Incitamenter o Return on investment

· Solenergi myter

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Meredith McClintock
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Leading Solar Energy Capacity Worldwide

Article by Premier Solar

With the favorable climatic conditions it enjoys it is surprising to see that Australia is lagging behind in the international race for solar energy capacity. As of September last year the vast country had a total of only 300 MW of energy generation through solar PV panels.

These relatively low figures when compared to other nations, is primarily because of the cost per KW of solar panels meant they weren’t as economically viable as the cost of coal produced electricity. This was up until the last couple of years, when the government stepped in with generous incentives and solar schemes to change that imbalance.

So since 2009 though Australia has made great strides in making the solar industry more professional and better regulated, and as the industry has boomed worldwide manufacturing costs have dropped considerably.

As a result of this, together with improved solar technology providing greater energy efficiency and smaller sized panels,the cost per KW of solar power has been halved and solar PV systems are much more affordable for an average family then before.

With considerable government investment support for renewable energy projects, the coming carbon tax to provide more funding for research and development, and increased investor interest in large scale solar and other projects, the country can be considered as a sleeping giant in the renewable energy field.

With it widely tipped as being one of the top growth industries in the next 10 years, the solar energy capacity of Australia is expected to climbrapidly upwards, and hopefully we will soon belong to this list of world leaders in solar energy generation;


Despite an often gloomy sky Germany is clearly the highest electricity producer from solar photovoltaic energy. With almost 17,000 MW of solar energy capacity from solar farms, the business and industrial sector and nearly a quarter of a million private solar panel systems, Germany clearly outruns any solar industry to date.

The success of the country is primarily because of the renewable energy act of 2000 which was designed to reduce the cost of solar panel systems, and improved energy efficiency from the economies of scale. With the country nearly saturated now though other younger solar countries will have the chance to emulate their success, like Australia whose government has drawn on Germany policy as a role model.


Spain is one of the most advanced nations in solar energy development, and coupled with it’snatural blessings (the country has one of the longest sun hours in Europe) it’s not surprising it his home to over 3000 MW of total solar energy capacity. The country currently holds second spot as the most installed photovoltaic in the world.

However with the recent delays and issues over government subsidies and programs, along with economic setbacks, the country is now only slowlyprogressing its solar industry and is on the verge of being outrun by other nations.


Although Japan is more likely to be known for its nuclear power plants, the truth is the Japanese alreadyhave the highest solar power capacity after Germany and Spain (over 2600 MW).

After the recent nuclear disaster as a result of a tsunami, the Japanese government is increasing its efforts to improve the solar industry instead, and develop cheaper and more efficient solar cells in the future so they can gradually replace nuclear energy.

United States

The US solar energy capacity of 1650 MW is small for its population but expected to double within a few years as the government is now working on a state level policy and numerous large scale projects. Many of the countries major corporations are also embracing solar investments, as well as making it a priority to reduce their carbon footprints by making their buildings more energy efficient and reducing carbon emissions.


The rapid growth of the Italian solar industry has been brought about by a well-designed and segmented feed in tariff scheme that encouraged more and more residents to install rooftop solar panels.

As a result Italy holds a record for one of the biggest spurts in solar capacity in a very short period of time.

Premier Solar is committed to being Australia• s leading Solar Power & Renewable Energy solutions provider for both homes and medium to large scale commercial solar projects. We are specialists in effective and affordable solar PV panel System design and use only fully certified installers and product components which pass all government standards and certifications, to enable our customers to access full discounts and rebates, as well enjoy the peace of mind of 25 year warranties from long established manufacturers.

Gør det selv solenergi

Self Made Solar Energy

Reklame: Konstruktion af din egen solfanger eller vindmølle vil koste dig under 1000 kr, tid og  tålmodighed!

Tag dit hus af elnettet, plus, i stedet for at betale din el-leverandør penge,  vil dit elselskab faktisk betale dig til at oprette vedvarende energi.

En ebog på engelsk med flot layout og video instruktioner
Self Made Solar Energy

Saving On Energy With Solar Powered Solutions

Article by Trudie Scherpenzeel

As we look around us at our environment, most of us will discover very many lights and other things that work on electricity. Almost all of that is on conventional electricity or batteries. That electricity is generated by using oil (or worse: Coal), wich is non renewable and generates CO2 that warms the planet.There is a growing number of ways that you can save on the use of standardelectricity, without having to invest an arm and a leg in such things as solar panels and windmills.You can start small and do your budget a favor as well.

In recent years a lot of solar technology has been coming available to consumers. In addition to using totally renewable energy that causes no CO2 emissions whatsoever they have other advantages.There is no wiring needed. You don• t have to be a technical wizzkidto install things.You can place a sunpoweredlight or gadget virtually anywhere. The only requirement is that they catch some sun.You can move them easily. No need to dig up wiring.

For those of us who own gardens: We want to put some lights in them. No need to use standard electricity, there are a lot of solar powered lights available nowadaysMany garden owners also love the sound of softly falling water from a fountain in the pond. That falling water can be pumped up by a solar powered floating pump.

We all know that lights in the garden will attract those pesky mosquitos.Now, you can zap them on solar power. Even if you are camping. Put it outside your camper or your tent, leave it while you go on a hike and when you come back to sit by the fire or just outside your tent while you watch the sun go down, it will be ready to keep you blessedly insect free. Solar powered while you were enjoying the day.

Even if you don’t have a garden, but just a terrace on a low or even a high rise building, solar powered lighting is an option. Put some solarpowered post lights or deck lights on your balcony. They will be ready to light you softly when you are enjoying a glas of wine in the evening.

Your top story (if you have one) often gets hot in the summer. Why not mount a solar powered vent on the roof or in the gable. It will keep your attic cool. How neat is that. The sun that giveth the heath also taketh away. At no charge.

Battery chargers are another way to use solar power. How about a solar powered blue tooth carkit for your cell phone. Most batteries can be recharged with solar power. If they are rechargeble, it can be done with solar power.

None of the above mentioned costs a whole lot. And apart from the environmental benefits, they will save you money in the long run. The cost of conventional electricity will go only up in the coming years, as many more people will start to use much more energy. You can anticipate that by generating your own. Harness the power of the sun.

Trudie’s Solar Powered Solutions will bring you many ways to save on energy by using the totally renewable power of the Sun