Solar Collector Power Installation

We cannot force green energy. Not only that, but in some places solar, for instance, is just not practical. Rental properties are different. However, if I may, more math:)

It cost “X” amount of money to build and operate the average coal powered power plant. The bill is going to be divided among the users. If there is one user, that user can pay 426 million a month, or there can be millions of users, all splitting the cost (including the billions payed to executives and lobbiest).

Thus, if 25-50 percent of the users leave the grid and convert to alternative energy, the remaining customers will have to pay solar air condition energy bills, at which point, your landlord will be more than happy to convert his/her property, after you leave because you cannot afford a $ 1000 a month electric bill, and he/she cannot rent the property.

None of this is about “will it work”, that is a done deal, it is all about money. Right now, the Oil and Coal industry have the contracts and the money, but it is changing, it will take time, but the Oil and Coal industry will inevitably go the way of the Payphone, Mimeograph machine and the widespread use of DDT to keep children safe from pest. They will fight to the death to keep their grip on humankind, but inevitably, like the dinosaur, they fade away.

Too many people know the truth. Even as I sit in my home with solar power, watching tv and operating my computers, people on this very site are proclaiming it just won’t work. It is a common tactic in the corporate and political world, say something often enough and loud enough, true or not, and people will believe it.

Your installation is in one of the most favorable solar evacuated tube regions in the world; no wonder your system works. But to extrapolate this situation to my location, one of the poorer insolation areas, would be a mistake. Solar would be almost a total dud here except for about one month a year. And worse yet, if you’re in the forest, you might get only two hours of direct sun per day (unless you cut down lots of trees.)

This is a perfect instance of how anecdotal evidence is questionable.

I started out by stating that in some locations solar collector tube power was not practical. I also went on to state that solar (wind, etc) farms could be placed in prime locations and the energy transmitted via traditional transmission lines to less productive locations. You could be living in the back of a cave in the forest of northern Washington and still benefit from solar power

The purpose of my statements is not that every person in the country should invest in personal solar collector power installation, but rather to contradict the statements made by others that it does not work. It is a fact that it works, all of the rest is just window dressing. What makes it unrealistic is that this country has too much cheap energy and therefore lacks the political and civic will to make it nationally available.

Where is there a statement that shower cubicle energy does not work? You seem to be attacking a straw man.

The issue is not about “does solar energy work”; it is about how much it costs in various locations, and who is actually paying for it (genuine consumers versus taxpayers coerced into subsidizing someone else’s projects).

Much of the “green” movement, and you in particular, seem to be uncognizant of such matters.

I am not aware of anyone that is opposed to solar power. But plenty of people are rightly opposed to the high costs in many areas, and even more opposed to people who game the system to get someone else to pay for their power. As you have done, though perhaps unwittingly.

I like solar

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Video om solenergi og installation af solpanel


Google Tech Talks september 12, 2007 ABSTRACT Læs mere om Solar Energy og Solar Panel Installation fra en industri ekspert ·

Oversigt – hvordan solceller fungerer, fordele, teknologier, markedstendenser

· Proces for at installere systemet · Vigtige spørgsmål at stille og ting til kigge efter, når de overvejer sol o Størrelse o Cost o Incitamenter o Return on investment

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Meredith McClintock
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Californiens tagterrasse sol installation marked fortsætter med at vokse

Southern California Edison og Kimberly-Clark Corporation, meddelte for nylig, at Kimberly-Clark er Redlands, Californien, vil blive hjemsted for en af ​​de største enkeltstående tagterrasse solenergi installationer i landet.