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EXCLUSIVE: City schools are getting solar power under Mayor de Blasio's plan
Dozens of city schools are getting solar power under Mayor de Blasio's plan to cut greenhouse emissions from public buildings, Education Department officials will announce Friday to mark Earth Day. Thirty-five schools across all five boroughs are now …
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French combined wind, solar power output up 32% in March
European Power Daily's uniquely comprehensive package of news and pricing information, provides you with daily updates on new policies, projects, power deals, acquisitions, solicitations, alliances, regulatory decisions and evolving trading markets in …
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China to Increase Wind, Solar Power Capacity by 21% in 2016
The world's biggest producer of carbon emissions is expected at the end of this year to have a total of 120 gigawatts of wind power, 43 gigawatts of solar, and 320 gigawatts of hydro power, the NEA said. To accommodate the clean energy additions, China …
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Western Power's poles and wires risk losing value as solar surges in
Western Power's poles and wires are the Western Australian Government's best electricity assets to sell in a market trying to adjust to the surging popularity of rooftop solar, analysts say. But they risk losing value or even becoming stranded assets …
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Lens | Fighting Climate Change With One of the World's Largest Solar Power Plants
During one of his last helicopter flights over the bridge, he and his pilot diverted to the nearby spot where the massive Ivanpah solar power plant was planned, and he snapped a few photographs. The array, since completed, was intended to be the …
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Opinion/Letter: Solar power's true expenses are masked
“Solar power worth investment” (The Daily Progress, Dec. 12 online) provides readers with several facts illustrating the taxpayer cost of residential solar-energy programs. The true upfront cost of a residential installation is masked by a federal tax …
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Colorado gets massive boost in solar power capacity
“Xcel Energy is providing leadership in the promotion of large-scale solar power development, and demonstrating how renewable technologies are part of the solution to ensure the health of our economy and our environment,” said Jorg Heinemann, …
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Japan Building Giant Battery Systems to Store Solar Power
Japanese companies are building some of the world's biggest battery systems to address one of solar power's biggest problems–its volatility. Handling the surges in power when the sun shines and storing that energy for use when it is cloudy or dark is a …
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Cisco signs solar power deal for San Jose headquarters
Cisco already has about 2 megawatts of solar power for some of its facilities around the U.S., including a new system in Boxborough, Massachusetts. The company said it is focusing on its engineering labs, which Ahmed said are Cisco's largest consumers …
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DJ Morgan Page Creates New Album 'DC to Light' Using Solar Power!
Following the release of his sixth album “DC To Light,” and to celebrate his new residency at Light in Las Vegas, “Extra” sat down with Grammy-nominated DJ and producer Morgan Page to discuss his chart-topping new album, vocal collaborators, upcoming …
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Solar Power, and Somewhere to Store It
Last week the U.S. solar giant SunEdison announced that it had acquired Solar Grid Storage, a startup that integrates solar installations with battery storage. And SolarCity, the largest solar power installer in the U.S., is almost done installing 430 …
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What Happens When an Eclipse Hits the World's Most SolarPowered Country?
On March 20, Europe will experience a total solar eclipse for a few hours in the morning. The last time an eclipse of this scale happened in Europe was in 1999. Back then, Germany got less than 1 percent of its power from solar energy. Today, Germany …
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Komplet News – Klimaændringer kan bringe mere intense storme i Filippinerne Komplet News Plz abonnenter for seneste nyheder Forskere advarer om, at klimaændringerne fører til en øget intensitet st …
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CBS News Interrupts their regularly scheduled interview for more Global Warming nonsense

This is sad, really sad. The fact that 2012 continues to not cooperate on a global level with predictions of increased temperature shows that some people are…
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SpongeBob Global Warming Agenda! (Fox News)

Fox News hosts are claiming that the Nickelodian show SpongeBob Squarepants is pushing a liberally biased position global warming. Cenk Uygur breaks it down. The Largest Online News Show in the World. Google+: Facebook: Twitter: Subscribe:

Hjernevasket Fox News Viewer: Shocking Climate Change Evidence Changed My Mind!

Jeff Orlowski fantastiske nye film Chasing Ice (du kan fange vores interview med ham på hans film her: er ikke kun en stor film, men det ændrer sind om klimaændringer Efter at have set filmen, en loyal. Fox News viewer gav en hjertevarmende vidnesbyrd om hvordan filmen ændret sine følelser om klimaændringer, og hvordan hun skal tage skridt til at fortryde, hvad hun og Fox News har gjort … Dette klip fra de fleste rapporten, live MF klokken 12 EST og via daglig podcast på Majority.FM