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Over 2M zero-emission miles powered by True Zero’s Hydrogen Network

True Zero, which operates the world’s largest network of hydrogen charging stations, has powered two-million miles of zero-emission driving on California roads 60 days after reaching its first million miles. By comparison, it took nine months for the company to reach the first million miles, reflecting the significant ramp up of fuel cell cars in…

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All-Electric Car Sales In France Up By 57% In France To Over 2,200

May was 19th consecutive month of growth for new all-electric car registrations in France. The 2,214 new BEV sales was an increase of 57% year-over-year, and now gives all-electric vehicles a market share over a 1% (from 0.74% in 2015). All-electric passenger car sales moved up by 71.4% to 1,829 (9,960 YTD), while LCVs… Inside EVs

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Kort over ladestandere i Danmark

Kort over ladestandere i Danmark Dansk Elbil Alliance har i samarbejde med Trafik- og Byggestyrelsen lavet en oversigt over ladestandere. Dermed får danske elbilister nu et samlet overblik over offentlig tilgængelig ladeinfrastruktur i hele landet. Der kan vælges visning af stiktype, f.eks. chademo eller Combo 2 Kort over ladestandere i Danmark – Der har længe…

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