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Smart Done With Gas Cars In US, Will Now Only Offer Electric Vehicles!

According to a new report from Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, smart North America (US and Canada) is done selling gas vehicles!  The first automaker (and we hope not the last) to take that stance! The magazine cites a letter from Mercedes-Benz HQ to local dealers by US boss Dietmar Exler saying that sales… Inside EVs

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61,848 Plug-in Vehicles Sold in the Nordic Region in 2016

61,848 new plug-in electric vehicles hit the Nordic roads in 2016. As a result, the total stock has increased with 162% in 2016. At the same time the last quarters show that the Norwegian market is stabilising – a market which is the undisputed Nordic leader within sale of battery-powered vehicles. Sales of EV and…

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Top Ten Most Fuel Efficient Vehicles for 2017

According to the Fueleconomy.gov website, the list of the top ten most fuel efficient light vehicles includes nine electric vehicles and one plug-in hybrid-electric vehicle. Electric vehicle fuel economy is measured in miles per gallon equivalent, or MPGe, where 33.7 kilowatt-hours of electricity is equal to one gallon of gasoline. The Hyundai Ioniq Electric, with…

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Interest-Free Loans For Electric Vehicles (In Scotland)

cleantechnica.com – The Scottish government has unveiled a new financing scheme in the hope of expediting the uptake of electric cars by consumers and private companies and cut down on vehicle-related emissions. Scotl… Tweeted by @Master_Synaps https://twitter.com/Master_Synaps/status/805878026508505088 The Electric Vehicles Daily

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Uber is rolling out fully electric vehicles in London

uk.businessinsider.com – A handful of Uber drivers in London are now driving fully electric cars as part of a new three-month study. The San Francisco taxi-hailing company, which already has thousands of hybrid Toyota Priu… The Electric Vehicles Daily

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Daimler og Tesla

PC Magazine Daimler og Tesla med 6-9 Nye elbiler af 2024 PC Magazine Daimlers har elektriske bil ambitioner og forbereder sig på at oversvømme markedet med sine egne  elbiler . Daimler vil kæmpe Tesla med ‘mindst’ seks elbiler Engadget Daimler vil rulle ud så mange som ni Elektriske bilmodeller: Tesla, Audi På dens seværdigheder Tech Times…

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